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How much should I tip a waitress at a restaurant?

How much should I tip a waitress at a restaurant? After enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends, I asked the table a simple question that surprisingly extended our evening’s conversation in to two (2) additional drinks. What percentage of a tip to you default to when dining at a restaurant? The answers were across the board and inspired debate among the spouses including accusations of being “cheap” or even “knowingly impacting the income of a hard working mother because you want to save $1.” As my wife glared at me for always seeming to create a debate with my magnificent talent to slow...

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How much should I tip a bartender?

How much should I tip a bartender? It is a tale as old as time. After a day of work, you belly up to the bar at the local public house and confess your stress over one too many pints. If only the bartenders charged the same rates as therapists. Wait, how much does a bartender make? In the United States, and only the United States, bartenders not only receive less wages than therapists, but they make an average of $2.13. At a 40 hour work week, the bartender would only receive a pre-tax check for $85.20. This legislative loophole in the wealthiest country in the world seems to only apply to...

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